Fix Time Machine Error 109 in Mac OS X Operating System

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Once in a while Mac OS X users might come across a situation that the Time Machine is unable to create a backup of the system data. It rather fails with Time Machine Error 109 and state that the backup disk image is no longer available. This kind of circumstance generally arises when people are backing up the data through networks or while using AEBS or Airport Extreme Base Station having hard drive attached. The error message is displayed on the computer screen in the following fashion:

“The backup was not performed because an error occurred while copying files to the backup disk: Time Machine Error 109”

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The aforesaid error generally arises due to incompatibility between AEBS and Time Machine installed in Mac OS X operating system. The other reasons responsible for error 109 are mentioned below:

  • Time Machine not installed properly
  • Corruption in the Time Machine
  • Creating backup through network

Many people have a notion that Airport Extreme Base Station is absolutely perfect for Time Machine because not only does it recognize it but it can provide a network drive to Mac OS X as well. But it is not the thing and there are some amount of incompatibility issue between AEBS and Time Machine. The first few backups run absolutely fine and it later on fails with Time Machine Error 109. If you are one of those people who are experiencing the same problem, then there are certain ways through which this problem can be fixed and are summarized under the following headings:

  • Get a simple and short name for the Airport Station, PC and that of the Time Machine. Make sure that it does not contain any kind of punctuation, special symbols or spaces.
  • Go to Network in the System Preferences and from there create a new network location. It is to be kept in mind that the network interface is only connected to the Time Machine device.
  • For those people who are using laptops like Macbook Pro etc, turn off the backup by going to the Options in system preferences.

If still the problem is not resolved, it is advised to uninstall the Time Machine and use Time Capsule instead. Time Capsule is absolutely compatible with Airport Extreme Base Station and hence you can create the backup easily. In this way you can easily fix Time Machine Error 109 arising in your Mac OS X while creating the system backup.