Recovery of Mac OS X partition deleted by BootCamp

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Mac OS X snow leopard and leopard include a comprehensive tool known as BootCamp. Using BootCamp partition can be created on Intel-based Macintosh computer for installing windows operating system. It follows non destructive partitioning scheme still differences do take place at times. Sometimes, it corrupts or deletes mac OS X partitions preventing data accessibility.

When running fsck or disk utility does not help, recreating lost partition is the only option left out. Definitely it works to resolve the problem but the major concern here is of data restoration, which can be done with a valid backup or using OS X deleted file recovery tool.

When BootCamp is used for creation of windows partition by Mac OS X user and installation completes successfully. But, the partition is found to be missing. Actually there exists only one partition but it not clearly mentioned that which OS X it basically represent.

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Sometimes booting the system with option key presses might help. Either disk utility or ‘fsck’ can be used to fix the issue. Such problem primarily take place due to existing incompatibility issue between version of windows OS and bootcamp. As windows XP SP1 is not supported by it. So, it should preferably be carried out with Windows XP service pack 2.

As a result of this partition map corruption is damaged and the ultimate solution is recreation of lost partition. In unavailability of data backup, partition recovery utilities sought to be helpful. Crashed mac hard drive is extensively scanned to retrieve lost files and folders in a safe manner. Additionally, number of advanced options of disk cloning, RAW data recovery etc is also provided. Any type of file, photo, documents, texts, videos or any other of different formats is recoverable. It is capable of recovering data from HFS, HFS+, HFSX, HFS wrapper file system volumes of mac OS X 10.3.9 and above, including snow leopard 10.6.