Problem of hanging after Mac OS X 10.6.3 update installation

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Mac OS X 10.6.3, a major update for Snow leopard has been introduced. It is useful in all respect whether itís the matter of system security, improvement in graphics and color of mail and iMovie, glow and background of HD video etc. Not only this, update 10.6.3 also provides reliable features and compatibility with openGL-based renders and QuickTime X.

Sometimes, when installing this update with software update or combo installer user may observe hanging of the system; this is actually in very rare cases. But, if such a problem takes place, it makes the system unbootable and there is hardly any way that can make the system boot and allow data access. Apple OS X recovery steps then becomes necessary.

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The actual problem takes place, when an update 10.6.3 is being installed on Mac OS X 10.6 snow leopard for overall improvement in system functioning ability. However in certain cases it may not happen as expected because of system hanging in between. After which nothing other than a spinning color wheel or blank blue/ gray screen remains still.

Although forceful restart may be helpful at times still, the files may be found to be damaged. Maintenance based tasks and execution of restarting commands are mostly responsible for this behavior of Mac system.

So, if you are having problem with update 10.6.3 installation, may try the following
  • Let the installation process takes its time to complete properly
  • Non responding hard drives should be reset-hard otherwise wait till hard drive sound stops
  • Start the system in safe mode then run steps to verify hard disk integrity, system maintenance and permission issues.
  • Combo updater may be run in safe mode
  • Permissions needs fixed with disk utility
  • If still, installation fails, install snow leopard from install CD.

If you have concerns with data backup, on or after reinstall Apple data recovery software may be used. It is equipped enough to recover OS X data in any situation, no matter how lost. All sorts of data loss problems due to logical crashes are taken into account for complete restore with efficiency.