OS X data recovery after disk image corruption

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For safety of data stored on mac system, creating image of the hard drive helps in backup if any problem occurs meanwhile. With a valid and updated backup it is easily possible to avoid data loss situation without using OS X data recovery applications. The process of creating disk image of Mac OS X system is quite simple and efficient solution for protecting data against all data loss scenarios.

Disk image is actually a file which together contains all files, directories and all other hard drive structures. Sector by sector copying process of hard drive used here completely copy structure and drive contents and thus most preferred.

Various file formats can be used for the purpose, most common of which is .DMG. DMG also called disk image provides the facility of file compression and password protection that well serves security and file distribution functions.

.DMG file is mounted as a volume in Mac finder. For creation of these files Mac OS X operating system includes inbuilt tool, known as disk utility. Disk utility is provided in Mac OS X 10.3 panther, 10.4 tiger, 10.5 leopard and snow leopard 10.6. Along with that hdiutil utility can also be used for the purpose.

But, still it is not possible to prevent data loss totally, because many a times when user tries to mount disk mage, error message comes up as-

The disk image you are opening may be damaged and could damage your system. are you sure you want to open this disk image.

Corrupted disk image is recognized by the system before it mounts and this make its inaccessible and all its data missing. To overcome this situation powerful and equipped mac recovery application is required.

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It can easily be performed with the help of high end technology and skilled algorithms used in the program. It performs high end extensive system scan to extract and locate data. Being read only in nature it does not overwrite or delete existing data ensuring safe recovery. All cases of logical data loss is efficiently tackled with it and supported by HFS, HFS+, HFSX, HFS wrapper file system volumes.