Fix No Mountable File Systems Error Message in Mac OS X

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In the Mac operating system, there contains a file called DMG or Disk Mounted Graphics which is created by the inbuilt Disk Utility tool. This very file signifies the entire content that is stored in the hard drive and is rather the image of the hard disk contents. The disk image can be easily mounted to get access to any of the data stored in the HDD and is really a very good backup. It is so because users can store all the data in this DMG file and can retrieve all the information in the event if there is some kind of corruption in the hard drive and the data is unable to be accessed. However there are times when this very dmg file is unable to mount and the following error is generated in front of the monitor: No Mountable File Systems.

Cause of No Mountable File Systems

Due to the occurrence of this very error, the user would not be able to install any kind of software in the Mac OS X operating system because the .dmg file cannot be loaded. As a result of which the user is unable to access the data stored in the DMG files and this in turn can lead to severe data loss kind of situation. The main reason for the occurrence of this problem is due to corruption in the file system. The file system can get corrupted due to a number of reasons like virus or spyware attack, abnormal termination of the system and many more. As a result of which the Mac OS is incapable enough to find the proper file format and hence the data cannot be mounted. No matter how many times you reboot the system, the problem is not rectified and you keep on receiving the No Mountable File Systems error message.

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Manual Steps to Fix No Mountable File Systems

In order to fix this very problem, try to mount the file using the hdiuti command from the command line. Users can also run the command on the command line as root: $ sudo hdituil attach file name.dmg. After that remove the .dmg extension and in that place use the disk image file name. After that reboot the system and this would help the .dmg file to mount properly. In the event if the DMG file is password protected, it is advised to set the file to POSIX path which can be done with prompt &#172. Set a, b and c to “cancel”, verify” and “skip verification”. After doing this you will need to set the verifyOption to button returned of prompt &#172. You need to know that that this verification can take some amount of time and you need to bear patience. Once the verification is completed, you will need to reboot the system and you can then easily access the data in the .dmg file.

Automatic Method to Fix No Mountable File Systems

The aforesaid method is prescribed for those people who are technically sound and are aware of the intricacies of the Mac operating system. For the ignoramus, it is advised to format the system and then reinstall the Mac OS X operating system. It is agreed that doing so would delete all the data from the .dmg file but you need not worry the least. The data is not deleted but temporary moved to an unknown location on the hard drive which can be easily recovered with the help of any professional software. Mac OS X Data Recovery software makes a deep scanning of the system and then recovers all the recently deleted data using a powerful set of algorithm and programming methods. The software is compatible with all the versions of Mac operating system including Mac Lion as well.