Mac OS X formatted hard drive data recovery

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Mac OS X provides most reliable and non volatile medium of storing data permanently, which means power failure and other power related issues doesn’t lead to deletion of data stored in drive unless deleted. Drives are logically divided into volumes based on file system HFS, HFS+ etc. Along with the basic file system functioning, data structures contained in the system are responsible for storage, organization, access and other processing. These data structures along with being critical system unit are comparatively resistant to corruption, but resisting problems is not always possible. Damages in data structures are occasionally observed on account of virus infection and other OS related issues.

Damaged structures inhibit proper working of the system as the work of locating files for access etc is dependent on it. This creates complete inaccessibility situation and as there remains no way out to it, you necessarily need to format the drive. As known to all, formatting involves creation of file system and its entire components once again i.e. removal of previous structures with new one. However, removal of data also goes besides that. These problems require use of backup for complete data restoration. Its non availability makes situation difficult with need of formatted hard drive data recovery tool.

Process of formatting Mac OS X hard drive involves restructuring file and data structures for functioning once again as before. By fixing problems of bad sector, cross linked files, resource conflicts, catalog file or file system damage or corruption, virus etc format really helps get back to a system as new. Also Mac OS system by default contains disk utility for the purpose. The process is as follows-

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  • Selecting disk utility program after hard disk is opened
  • The volume to be formatted is then selected, but it would be other than start up volume, if booting has not been done from installation disk
  • From ‘erase tab’ format option is selected
  • Specify a name for the drive
  • Then click on erase to begin formatting

Following this data restore has to be done following few basic steps of formatted mac data recovery, using OS X data recovery software –

  • As the application is executed different recovery modes is shown and the one that suits in case formatted data recovery is ‘deleted’ option should be chosen
  • Now as you click the scan button, it starts analyzing the drive for locating data which are present on the formatted drive in inaccessible condition
  • Restoring files and folders to location desired

Formatted drive data recovery software supports recovery from Mac OS X 10.6, 10.5, 10.4 and 10.3.9 based on HFS, HFS+, HFSX and HFS wrapper file system volumes efficiently.