Fix Mac Error Code 0 in External Hard Drive while Data Transfer

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Are you one of those people who are experiencing Mac Error Code 0 while transferring the data between Mac and Windows using an external hard drive? Are you unable to access the data stored in the external hard drive and denied access with the above mentioned error message. Due to this problem, the user is unable to access the data stored in the Mac OS X and have to face severe data loss kind of situation in the event if there is no backup available. In this kind of situation, the need of the Mac OS X data recovery arises.

Many a times people connect an external hard drive or USB flash drive between the Mac and Windows operating system to transfer the DMG files. Sometimes it might happen that while the file transfer is in process, it would halt down all of a sudden and transfer process is stopped with the following Mac Error Code 0 displaying in front of the computer screen:

“The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (mac error code 0). You can copy a file, which is larger than 4 Gigabyte in size, to your hard drive.”

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Cause of Mac Error Code 0

This type of error generally arises when the user is trying to copy some data larger than 4GB. The process is interrupted and whatever data you have saved on the external hard drive, it becomes inaccessible. There are many reasons responsible for the occurrence of the Mac Error Code 0. This error arises when the file system gets damaged or corrupted due to improper shutdown of the system, virus attack etc. The other reason can be that the hard drive is formatted using the FAT32 file system which is an incompatible file system for the Mac operating system.

How to Fix Mac Error Code 0

In order to fix Mac Error Code 0, users will first need to check whether the error message is due to the FAT32 file system of the external hard drive. If it is so then you will need to change the file system to HFS or HFS+. But you need to know that doing so would not allow you to access the data on your Windows operating system but only on Mac OS. If the ground of the error is due to corruption in the hard drive, then the only alternative is to format the drive. But doing would erase all the data and can only be retrieved if one opts for any 3rd party Mac OS X Data Recovery software. The software makes use of advanced algorithm and programming methods to scan the hard drive and recover the data that are not overwritten. It can recover data from all kinds of file systems like HFS, HFS+, HFS Wrapper and HFSX.