Fix iTunes Music Folder Corruption Error in Mac OS X

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Apple Corporation provides a digital media application for the Mac users and it is called iTunes. This application is primarily used for the purpose of managing the media files like songs, videos etc. The data are then organized in the iTunes Music Folder where users can access any of the music files according to the artists, genre, albums etc. Not only this, the users can create their own set of playlists and can listen to their favorite songs and watch their videos anytime. One of the most important uses of iTunes is also for the purpose of creating the backup of the data for portable media players like iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch etc. Once in a blue moon it might happen that the data stored in the iTunes Music Folder is unable to be opened and hence the data in it becomes inaccessible for the users. Every time when you try to access the data, you are denied access to it. Rather iTunes Music Folder Corruption Error keeps popping in front of the PC of the user.

Are you getting iTunes Music Folder Corruption Error while accessing the music files in the Mac OS X operating system of yours? No matter how hard you try, the data remains in inaccessible state and the above error message keeps displaying time and again. Users need to know that the iTunes music folder has become corrupt and you would not be able to retrieve any of the music files like songs and videos. There can be many reasons responsible and are mentioned under the following headings:

  • Music folder getting corrupted due to virus attack
  • Music folder placed in a wrong location
  • Music folder improperly assigned in registry

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In order to fix the iTunes Music Folder Corruption Error in your Mac OS X, you need to first assign the proper location of the music folders in the system registry by exporting it from the wrong location. In the case if the music folder is corrupted, you need to first uninstall the iTunes application from the Add Remove option under the Control Panel and then install the latest version of iTunes application in the Mac OS. However doing so would delete all the songs and videos from the iTunes library. In the event if the user has not created any kind of backup, s/he can have to face severe data loss kind of situation. In that circumstance, one can use 3rd party Mac OS X Data Recovery software that can undelete all the songs and videos that has been recently deleted from the iTunes music folder. The software performs powerful algorithm and scanning methods to recover the deleted data. Since it performs Read Only operation, hence there is no possibility of any of the recovered data being corrupted.