Gray progress bar issue and snow leopard data loss

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In spite of several improvements made to maintain disk structures properly, still at any particular time you may come across error in snow leopard system in turn arising unanticipated and inescapable data loss situation. In turn making snow leopard recovery obviously required using one or another method so that uninterrupted data accessibility is made possible for users.

To understand the case complexity, consider a practical situation in which system is started by user in usual manner and it goes properly with apple logo shown in between and along with that gray progress bar can be seen right below it. It usually stays for certain minutes, only after which login window or finder appears.

In cases with less frequent issue, you may ignore it however complex cases with gray bar issues at every boot up is a problem indicator and is may lead to snow leopard data loss. It happens so on account of problem encountered by hard disk and data which is being fixed by 10.6 at startup, however delays and almost non responding behavior reflects inability of correcting errors found.

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This one being a hard disk issue, requires manual repair with the use of disk utility, following are the steps to do so-

Use Mac OS X 10.6 install disc to start system

  • Open ‘installer’ menu and disk utility is then selected from there
  • Click on ‘first aid’ option to open mac volume, for this click on disclosure triangle present on hard drive icon left side
  • Now, click on ‘repair’ to begin repairing

It may happen that disk utility cannot fix it out and the issue continues the same way. In such a case, hard drive is to be formatted and then snow leopard reinstalled. Now restore snow leopard lost data with time machine backup.

If, not you can use OS X data recovery software to carry snow leopard recovery, including all system stored data and files. It’s unique and extensive scanning capability for analyzing drive and extracting will help in resolving snow leopard data loss and grey bar issue easily.