Fix for HFS+ Partition corruption error-‘BAD SUPER BLOCK – MAGIC NUMBER WRONG’

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Mac formatted hard drive are based on PC compatible apple partition map or GUID partition table scheme. On the other hand PC formatted hard disks uses MBR scheme and are based on FAT file system. Due to this, when fsck is executed in order to detect and fix corrupted Partition of Mac OS X, errors are reported by it.

The reason being that it assumes and requires UNIX file system having unique identifier also known as magic number totally different from what is gets, FAT. The expected magic number cannot be found out by it and so it generates messages stating that the corrupted partition cannot be repaired. In such case, OS X data recovery is necessarily required.

Significant number of cases is there in which fsck could not help mac users in the repair work. Let’s understand it with an example, in which boot camp is used to create more than one partition. But, on finding that any one of the partition remains undetected and considering it to be the case of corruption of partition FSCK is run, but instead on resolving the issue, it arises another error as


As a result of it, it is not possible for to fix the corrupted HFS+ partition also the data cannot be accessed. As you already know that the error pops up because of unavailability of magic number.

So, in order to resolve this issue Mac OS X has to be partitioned and reformatted to partition scheme recognized by fsck. It can be done from partition tab of disk utility where the partition is selected from ‘volume search’ and then from option ‘GUID partition table’ scheme is chosen.

Also, it is important to select ‘Mac OS Extended’ from the drop down menu of format and then ‘apply’ should be clicked on.

Once the above process is done, data needs to be restored with the help of backup, if not for recovering lost data OS X data recovery software is required. It is specifically designed to retrieve data, files and folders lost from Mac OS system which includes Mac OS X 10.6 snow leopard, 10.5 leopard, and 10.4 tiger etc using HFS, HFS+, HFSX, HFS wrapper file systems.

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