Fix for Mac OS X ‘error code 0’ finder error

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Using external hard drive data transfer can simply be carried within number of system with same or different OS installed. However, sometimes while transferring data using external hard drive between mac OS X and windows OS system or accessing data, error might be received. This happens due to incompatible external drive file system resulting in inaccessible data i.e. loss of critical data. For these situations mac recovery is designed to efficiently resolve the problem especially if an updated data backup is not available.

Let us understand the problem with an example, in which some DMG files are copied from Macbook pro to external hard drive. In between message as “Error code 0” is shown and the copy stops there, saying that    ‘you cannot copy a file which is larger than 4 gigabyte in size, to your hard drive.

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Also OS X error code 0 or finder error is generated on trying to access external hard drive data. The cause of the problem taking place may be one of the following –

  • FAT32 file system formatted external hard drive
  • Damaged or corrupt disk/file structure which can’t be recognized by the system

Thereafter, finder copy error code 0 needs fix and OS X file recovery performed

  • Changing drive file system to HFS from FAT32, this won’t allow using the same drive in Windows system
  • Formatting the drive, in case of corrupt or damaged hard drive

Resolving error code 0 finder, is really necessary to access data which otherwise is not doable due to missing file system structures required for locating files when processing is needed.

The way so suggested at last deletes the data from the drive specified and file recovery may be done with advanced and equipped application in absence of backup for data restore. As the program has an intuitive interface using it is really easy, also you don’t have to go through several complicating process, and with few clicks your work is completed. Mac OS X 10.6 snow leopard, mac OS X 10.5, 10.4, 10.3.9 with HFS Wrapper, HFS+, HFSX and HFS file system volumes are supported.