Mac OS X Kernel Panic: Ways to Troubleshoot this Problem

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Mac OS X is a Unix style based operating system and once in a while it might happen that the users might come across Kernel Panic in their PC. This is a severe internal error which generally occurs during the time of system booting up or while shutdown. The overall appearance of this error message is similar to that of Blue Screen of Death or Sad Mac error notifications. After the occurrence of this very error, both the software and the hardware may crash down. When Kernel Panic hits the Mac OS X system, the error is in the form of white text formed on a black background. The complete overall text message that hits the screen of Mac OS X is given below:

"Unresolved kernel trap(cpu 0): 0x300 Data access DSISR=0x40000000 DAR=0x0000006c PC=0x06d77510 MSR=0x00009030 generating stack backtrace prior to panic: backtrace: 0x06d77510 0x0002a1fa 0009d1ef 00099440 012f4102 kernel modules in backtrace: @ 06d75000 Memory Access Exception(1,0,0) Waiting for remote debugger connection"

Now the biggest question that arises is as to why Mac OS X Kernel Panic occurs. There are many reasons responsible for the same like the ones mentioned below:

  • Damaged or incompatible software with the operating system
  • The hardware is unable to work properly and is rendered useless
  • Corruption in the volume header or incorrect file permission
  • Mac OS X unable to recover from different types of issue
  • Incompatible RAM or erratic kernel extension

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There are many symptoms that can help you to recognize that Mac OS X Kernel Panic has occurred in your system. The PC of yours would start generating series of alphanumeric codes with black and white error message which are sometimes visible and at other times not. You might get other error messages related to Kernel Panic like the one mentioned below:

"You need to restart your computer. Hold the Power button for several seconds or press the Restart button

If your Mac OS X system is also inflicted with Kernel Panic error, then you can have to pay a heavy price for that. All the data in the hard drive would continue to remain inaccessible and no matter how hard you try, all the attempts would end futile. If there is no backup available, then it can lead to serious data loss kind of situation. Manual solution to fix Mac OS X Kernel Panic is available and it is summarised under the following headings:

  • Check for the memory of the RAM if it is adequate enough or not and make sure that it is properly attached to the extension slot
  • In the Start Up disk of Mac OS X, repair the disk and permissions
  • Rule out the corrupted or incompatible login or Startup items
  • If there is any defective 3rd party software installed, remove it quickly
  • Make sure that the kernel extensions and drivers are current and verify their connection

If still the problem persists and you are still experiencing Mac OS X kernel Panic error message, then the only way to fix this problem of yours is to reinstall the operating system on your compromised PC. However doing so can cause some kind of data loss and in that kind of situation, you can use any 3rd party Mac OS X Data Recovery which can retrieve back all the deleted items from your hard drive using powerful algorithm and programming methods.