DIY Recover Data from unbootable MacBook Pro!

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Apple MacBook Pro is one of the most desirable notebooks available in market and all the computer professionals always want a MacBook Pro in their hand. It has several great features and come along with the latest and very powerful OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Operating system which is also an Apple Product. If something goes wrong with your MacBook Pro then you might encounter error messages and other problems that may be sometimes unseen for you. One of the problem is “when you start your MacBook Pro, it does not boot.” On the Screen there is a gray screen with a spinning wheel and Apple Logo.

Most of the times, this problem occur due to improper system preferences settings. Due to this problem all the data present on your MacBook Pro becomes inaccessible as the MacBook Pro is not booting properly and you have no medium to access the data present on the disk of the MacBook Pro. In this situation you need to do something in order to fix this problem as soon as possible.

Some troubleshooting tips to fix this problem:

  • Perform a safe boot by pressing shift key during startup
  • Boot your system in single user mode by pressing “command + S” keys
  • Boot MacBook Pro in verbose mode using the “Command + V” keys

If all these do not help you and you are still in trouble then use the Disk Utility that come along with the Mac OS X Installation Disk and check the system drive.

If all of these don’t fix the problem and you are still unable to get into your MacBook Pro then you should go for OS X Data Recovery. To do this you require OS X Data Recovery Software.

Since your system is not booting and therefore you need to download and install OSX Data Recovery software to another Mac computer and then connect your MacBook Pro with that computer and perform the disk scanning and disk recovery from your MacBook Pro. This way you can get all your data present from the MacBook Pro and keep it as a backup of your MacBook Pro on the Mac Computer. Then Fresh Install Mac OS X 10.6 using the OS X installation disk and restore all files from the Mac Computer to MacBook Pro.

Its alternative is to use Boot DVD of Mac Data Recovery Software and use this DVD to boot MacBook Pro and repair all the corruption present on your MacBook Pro. But it is for advance users and so according to your convenience you can choose any of these methods to Recover Data from unbootable MacBook Pro!

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