Gray progress bar issue and snow leopard data loss

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different items namely files, file threads, directory and directory thread. Catalog records serve the purpose of identifying items in the directory. These are formed on disk’s catalog B-tree. For extracting and locating data from directory, catalog B-tree performs required processing. But, in case of damaged catalog record or corrupt catalog record accessing the file may not be possible. In turn arising critical data loss situation and subsequently the need of efficient recovery technique.

Mac OS X files consists of two segments – resource and data fork

Resource fork – refers to an indexed files containing menu items, segments, code and dialog box

Data fork – which is collection of stream of bytes

Numbers of contiguous block extent or runs are combined to form component. Total length of extent as well as the first block is encoded with the help of descriptor of 32 bit. Among these, components starting extent record constitutes file’s catalog record.

In addition to extent and file of B-tree, Mac systems also include boot blocks namely volume information block and free space bitmap. These are reliable data structure and are able to withstand most sort of damages taking one after another including that of corrupt catalog record. Also for improvement in crash recovery capability, disk data structures are provided with required number of redundancy. Also, several catalog records are used by finder although it is not constituted in file system.

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Files and folders stored on Macintosh system volumes are represented individually by identification number. Including that directory and files are provided the name of corresponding parent file or directory for identification purpose. The combination so obtained helps in searching key of volumes catalog B-tree.

However, problems like that of virus infection, file system error and inconsistency, improper system shutdown are simply inevitable, which on taking place damages the catalog record, a state called as catalog record corruption. Access to files in such a situation is completely denied, along with error message “message catalog system: corrupt file”

In order to access the files, OS X data recovery software is used that applies extensive algorithms for catalog file recovery. It scans corrupted catalog B- tree and catalog record and fixes issues found; thereon usual accessing is made possible. It is supported by Mac OS X 10.6 snow leopard, 10.5 leopard, 10.4 tiger and HFS, HFS+, HFSX and HFS wrapper file system volume. Following this catalog record corruption is resolved with loosing mac data.