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Unformat Hard Drive and Access Deleted Data Easily

29th June 2011

Unformat hard drive using professional Mac OS X Data Recovery Software which would recover all the deleted data from the hdd using powerful set of algorithm and programming methods.   read more..

Fix iTunes Music Folder Corruption Error in Mac OS X

24th June 2011

iTunes Music Folder Corruption Error does not allow the users to access the songs and videos stored in the iTunes music library. The error arises due to corruption in iTunes. Know how to fix this error from your Mac OS X and how you can access the data in your iTunes music folder easily.   read more..

Fix No Mountable File Systems Error Message in Mac OS X

15th June 2011

In the Mac operating system, there contains a file called DMG or Disk Mounted Graphics which is created by the inbuilt Disk Utility tool. This very file signifies the entire content that is stored in the hard drive and is rather the image of the hard disk contents.   read more..

Fix Unknown Error 39 in Mac OS X

25th May 2011

Are you one of those people who are experiencing data loss kind of situation in your Mac OS X operating system? Are you unable to access the data in your Macintosh hard drive due to Unknown Error 39? Is your Mac data corrupted due to Unknown Error 39 and receiving this same error message time and again?   read more..

Fix Mac Error Code 0 in External Hard Drive while Data Transfer

18th May 2011

Are you one of those people who are experiencing Mac Error Code 0 while transferring the data between Mac and Windows using an external hard drive? Are you unable to access the data stored in the external hard drive and denied access with the above mentioned error message. Due to this problem, the user is unable to access the data stored in the Mac OS X and have to face severe data loss kind of situation in the event if there is no backup available. In this kind of situation, the need of the Mac OS X data recovery arises.   read more..

Fix Time Machine Error 109 in Mac OS X Operating System

11th May 2011

Once in a while Mac OS X users might come across a situation that the Time Machine is unable to create a backup of the system data. It rather fails with Time Machine Error 109 and state that the backup disk image is no longer available. This kind of circumstance generally arises when people are backing up the data through networks or while using AEBS or Airport Extreme Base Station having hard drive attached.   read more..

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Reviews: Download It Today

4th May 2011

Have you deleted some of the important data from your Mac operating system? Are you facing data loss kind of situation on your Mac OS? Are you looking for a way to undelete the data on your Mac hard drive? Are you looking for some effective feedbacks on Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Reviews? If these are some of the problems that you have in your mind, then all your queries would be answered right over here.   read more..

iBook Data Recovery: Get Back Your Deleted Data Easily

20th April 2011

Are you one of those people who have accidentally deleted the data from the iBook? Are you unable to look for an ideal way to recover the lost and missing information? Are you looking for iBook Data Recovery to retrieve back the erased data? If these are some of the problems that are vexing you at the moment, then you will find the complete solution over here.   read more..

Mac Document Recovery from Mac OS X

13th April 2011

Are you one of those people who have deleted their important documents stored in the Mac operating system? Are you experiencing problems in recovering the erased files from the Mac hard drive and looking for Mac Document Recovery software? Then here all your questions would be answered and the problem that you are facing now would be resolved instantly.   read more..

Fix Time Machine Could Not Complete Backup Error in Mac OS X 10.5

6th April 2011

Time Machine is undoubtedly a smart piece of application residing inside the Mac operating system which creates the backup of all the data located on the hard drive hourly basis. Daily backup is also available for the past month and   read more..

Mac OS X Kernel Panic: Ways to Troubleshoot this Problem

30th MARCH 2011

When Kernel Panic hits the Mac OS X system, the error is in the form of white text formed on a black background. The complete overall text message that hits the screen of Mac OS X is given below:   read more..

Recover OS X Data After Resizing Mac OS X Partition Deletion!

10th MARCH 2011

Mac OS X users use several partitions to keep all their data on their Mac systems. Apart from initializing a Mac hard drive also require some new partitions and therefore the requirement of resizing the existing partition takes place. Mac computers or Mac Hard Drives are initialized in the factory itself and you do not have to worry about   read more..

Fix Mac OS X Out of Range Error Message at OS X Startup!

03rd MARCH 2011

When you are starting your Mac OS X, are you getting “Out of Range” error message on the startup screen? It occurs when you see the general gray startup screen with the Apple Logo but all of a sudden the screen becomes black. This situation is critical and in this situation the data present on the Mac OS X drive becomes inaccessible.   read more..

Guidelines to Fix Corrupted Time Machine Backup!

24th FEBRUARY 2011

In Macintosh or Mac OS X computers, there is a backup utility called Time Machine which is developed by Apple. Time Machine is used to create incremental backup of the files that can be restored in the later date. With this application the user can restore the system, multiple file or even a single file. This application also works with   read more..

DIY Recover Data from unbootable MacBook Pro!

17th FEBRUARY 2011

Apple MacBook Pro is one of the most desirable notebooks available in market and all the computer professionals always want a MacBook Pro in their hand. It has several great features and come along with the latest and very powerful OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Operating system which is also an Apple Product. If something goes wrong with your MacBook Pro then you might encounter error messages and other problems that may be sometimes unseen for you. One of the problem is “when you start your MacBook Pro, it does not boot.”   read more..

Catalog record corruption and data loss in Mac OS X

5th AUGUST 2010

Mac OS X hard drive is divided into number of volumes, the volumes in turn contain four different items namely files, file threads, directory and directory thread. Catalog records serve the purpose of identifying items in the directory. These are formed on disk’s catalog B-tree. For extracting and locating data from directory, catalog B-tree performs required processing. But, in case of damaged catalog record or corrupt catalog record accessing the file may not be possible. In turn arising critical data loss situation and subsequently the need of efficient recovery technique.   read more..

Gray progress bar issue and snow leopard data loss

29th JULY 2010

In spite of several improvements made to maintain disk structures properly, still at any particular time you may come across error in snow leopard system in turn arising unanticipated and inescapable data loss situation. In turn making snow leopard recovery obviously required using one or another method so that uninterrupted data accessibility is made possible for users.   read more..

Mac OS X formatted hard drive data recovery

22nd JULY 2010

Mac OS X provides most reliable and non volatile medium of storing data permanently, which means power failure and other power related issues doesn’t lead to deletion of data stored in drive unless deleted. Drives are logically divided into volumes based on file system HFS, HFS+ etc. Along with the basic file system functioning, data structures contained in the system are responsible for storage, organization, access and other processing. These data structures along with being critical system unit are comparatively resistant to corruption, but resisting problems is not always possible. Damages in data structures are occasionally observed on account of virus infection and other OS related issues.   read more..

Recovery of lost iphoto library pictures from Mac system

15th JULY 2010

For the purpose of managing photos, Macintosh systems come included with iphoto application. It serves important utility such as importing, sharing, printing, editing and managing digital photos. Any photos accessed or edited in the application is stored in iphoto library folder along with library information. Also any picture imported in iphoto automatically gets stored there. This very application besides proper management of photos in the form of album also helps in quickly locating files on the basis of attributes, ratings etc. These reliable features are helpful however its very important to safe keep those data and items which otherwise will make photos inaccessible. So besides deletion of photos, deletion of album information like keyword etc can arise photo loss situation. For recovering lost iphoto library pictures OS X data recovery software is required such that data is first located from the location specified and then previewed for successful restore.   read more..

OS X Undelete tool - restore Apple Mac data and files

7th JULY 2010

Loosing important data and files is the most problematic situation faced by computer users quite frequently. Particularly as the number of reasons that may cause loss of data is just endless. Reliability of system and application cannot withstand impacts made by virus and such other widespread reasons. Following any such issue it is probable to come across critical data loss situation. And no doubt backup is the feasible answer to it, but all of us know that having an updated backup is not always possible. Therefore, for overcoming acute data loss issue Mac OS X undelete tool is to be used.   read more..

Macintosh trash recovery- to restore trash mac items

16th JUNE 2010

Very often user deletes the files from Mac OS X system and also empties the trash bin which is commonly referred to as permanent file deletion. In most of the situation users sooner or later realize the files to be important. But getting the files back is not within their control since the files has been not only deleted but the trash is emptied as well, which means you can not find those files anywhere in the system. This is quite common issue faced by users time and again; backup would really be helpful in restoring the files in such a situation.   read more..

Fix for Mac OS X ‘error code 0’ finder error

12th JUNE 2010

Using external hard drive data transfer can simply be carried within number of system with same or different OS installed. However, sometimes while transferring data using external hard drive between mac OS X and windows OS system or accessing data, error might be received. This happens due to incompatible external drive file system resulting in inaccessible data i.e. loss of critical data. For these situations mac recovery is designed to efficiently resolve the problem especially if an updated data backup is not available.   read more..

Problem of hanging after Mac OS X 10.6.3 update installation

2nd JUNE 2010

Mac OS X 10.6.3, a major update for Snow leopard has been introduced. It is useful in all respect whether it’s the matter of system security, improvement in graphics and color of mail and iMovie, glow and background of HD video etc. Not only this, update 10.6.3 also provides reliable features and compatibility with openGL-based renders and QuickTime X. Sometimes, when installing this update with software update or combo installer user may observe hanging of the system; this is actually in very rare cases.   read more..

Free OS X data recovery tool

26th MAY 2010

Computers nowadays serve several utilities and stores valuable user data. Mac OS X based system are equipped with number of high end secure and reliable features. In spite of this, data loss problem is commonly faced by users. Particularly because the reasons are varying, beyond the extent and it is actually not always possible to take precautionary measures to avoid such problems from taking place. Also, it is not necessary or possible to have an updated data backup available every time such that lost data can be recovered. For resolving data unavailability situation, free OS X data recovery software is used.  read more..

Recovery of Mac OS X partition deleted by BootCamp

19th MAY 2010

Mac OS X snow leopard and leopard include a comprehensive tool known as BootCamp. Using BootCamp partition can be created on Intel-based Macintosh computer for installing windows operating system. It follows non destructive partitioning scheme still differences do take place at times. Sometimes, it corrupts or deletes mac OS X partitions preventing data accessibility. When running fsck or disk utility does not help, recreating lost partition is the only option left out.  read more..

Time machine backup rendered useless with Update 10.5.6 for Mac OS X leopard

12th MAY 2010

Mac OS X developed by apple Inc is an advanced and reliable operating system with more advanced features included in Mac OS X 10.5 leopard and snow leopard. In addition to this, periodic updates are released in order to make the system far more powerful. For installing these updates you simply have to download it from apple’s website. Any such update is aimed at improving system performance and security but there can be situations in which installing update may make the system or certain applications unusable.   read more..

OS X data recovery after disk image corruption

5th MAY 2010

Mac formatted hard drive are based on PC compatible apple partition map or GUID partition table scheme. On the other hand PC formatted hard disks uses MBR scheme and are based on FAT file system. Due to this, when fsck is executed in order to detect and fix corrupted Partition of Mac OS X, errors are reported by it. The reason being that it assumes and requires UNIX file system having unique identifier also known as magic number totally different from what is gets, FAT.   read more..

Fix for HFS+ Partition corruption error-‘BAD SUPER BLOCK – MAGIC NUMBER WRONG’

27th April 2010

Mac formatted hard drive are based on PC compatible apple partition map or GUID partition table scheme. On the other hand PC formatted hard disks uses MBR scheme and are based on FAT file system. Due to this, when fsck is executed in order to detect and fix corrupted Partition of Mac OS X, errors are reported by it. The reason being that it assumes and requires UNIX file system having unique identifier also known as magic number totally different from what is gets, FAT.   read more..

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